Under this section the best works done by Edgar as a composer / sound designer so far are to be found: soundtracks for short films, commercial jingles and sound design for animation or video art. The different music genres of such works are the perfect meeting point of the several requests by purchasers and Edgar's multifarious creative skills.

WEB PROMO: Ermenegildo Zegna - Trolley
TEASER: Attack of the Cyber Octopuses - teaser
WEB PROMO: LaClassica - Road To Davos
AC noises - WEB PROMO
PROMO: The Summer Suit. From Ermenegildo Zegna
Promo: Ermenegildo Zegna - ZZegna exclusive product presentation - 2015
VIDEO ART: PART_V - Chaos is math and math is my religion.
FASHION FILM: Mandragola - 2012
COMMERCIAL: Pomellato67 - 2012
FASHION FILM: Medusa - 2012
ANIMATION: ∞ - 2013
SHORTFILM: Il Garibaldi Senza Barba - The Beardless Garibaldi [SUB ENG] - 2009
SHORTFILM: Berlikete [SUB ENG] - 2009
COMMERCIAL: BlanX - 2011/2012
COMMERCIAL: Danacol Danone - 2011/2012
COMMERCIAL: Legamenti - 2011
COMMERCIAL: Sustainable Energies - 2012